Contemporary websites use the possibility to store “Cookies” so your web browsing can be faster, simpler and more efficient. We also use them, with the primary purpose of improving your user experience.

For everything to be in accordance with regulations, to gather and store this data we need your permission.

If you continue to use this website, we will consider having that permission. We will consider that you have read, understood and have accepted the terms of using cookies as well as our privacy policy. If you do not accept these conditions, please do not use the content from our website. If you have any questions about cookies or regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact us via our contact form on https://wellnesstech.ro

You can delete and block cookies at any given time from your web browser. You will be able to use our website afterwards, but some of the features that make your user experience better may not function properly.

Necessary changes will occasionally be made to this website and we will consider that you have accepted the alterations of the content and conditions.


Cookies represent the set of information that are stored on your computer the moment you browse a website. Cookies store website settings like the preferred language or addresses and can store personal information like names and e-mail addresses – but only if you give your permission. Websites don’t have access to this information unless you give your consent and do not have access to other files on your computer.  

By accessing the settings on your web browser, you can authorize request for saving Cookies, erasing them, etc.


Cookies give us a better understanding of your preferences based on your recent website activity. Because of that we can improve the quality of your user experience but if you do not want to store these cookies, you must disable them in the settings of your web browser. You can find out more about controlling and configurating the cookies settings for specific web browsers on the browsers’ official websites (some of the well-known browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Safari etc). Please not that after doing so, you will not be able to use some of the website’s functionalities.


Permanent cookies – they stay on the computer after closing the browser, used by websites to store data such as application name or password.

Temporary cookies – they are removed from the computer after closing the web browser, used by websites to store temporary data such as shopping cart items.

First party cookies – they come from a website you browse and can be permanent or temporary.

Third party cookies – they come from ads of other websites that are on the website you are currently browsing and with them we can monitor behaviour on the internet using the cookies on these websites.

Wellness Tech uses permanent and temporary cookies as well as third party cookies. We use them mainly to improve user experience and to monitor attendance on the website.

All data is anonymous, and your personal identity can’t be tracked via cookies.

Via third party cookies like Google and Facebook we can collect various data about the way you use these websites, about attendance, IP address data, your native language, the operating system on your computer, etc. All that data is anonymous, and your personal identity can’t be traced via cookies.

For monitoring attendance on the website, we use Google Analytics service.