Noul software OMNIS

New features:

  • An amazing facelift providing user friendliness, visually more attractive, using uniform backgrounds, reorganized and same size buttons, categorizing by color use background
  • Automatic device recognition: the program automatically recognizes the device connected, no need to set the communication port, you can plug and unplug the device during the session without having to close the main program
  • Centralized update and activation from the QXSUBSPACE App. What does that mean? You will no longer need to start the program to activate. Activate the desired software in the App, then run your program with no interruptions, quick and easy!
  • Multi-layered Smart Report function, offering the Client and Therapist valuable and compliant information!
  • Live language switch: change from English to another language LIVEWHILE running your session
  • Faster Start-up of the program as many processes now run in the background
  • Save the Added Matrix Lines and Patients with one click
  • No need to install DivX or other video playing applications, players are embedded into the program own’s media player
  • No need to install PDF Reader, as the program now has an embedded PDF reader

What makes OMNIS so special?

  • Written in Delphi 2020 – the newest programming language which supports rapid application development; to better support Windows development, it also offers the Component Object Model
  • Driver optimization leading to better compatibility with Win 10 and any following versions
  • Communication with the device completely rewritten to be faster, more efficient and adaptable (for example to create compatibility with other operating systems like iOS, Mac, Linux, Android)
  • Newest components used in programming: not only do we use the newest language, but also the most current, fast and professional components!
  • The Database and Database Protection has been updated to make sure you, your patients and all their valuable information is protected!
  • The program now uses fewer computer resources, which leads to faster processing on slower computers
  • Optimized protection system: faster, less errors and improved encryption
  • Database is updated in the background, while the program is running, the therapist does not need to do any updates
  • Processes run on more threads, using different cores of the processor for different applications, which leads to quicker functioning
  • Video database is now compressed, taking up less space on the hardware